Winter  2006

Winter  2001

 Hello from Dustin Big Smile:)  

Summer 2001

Swimming in the Pool Blowing bubbles I love to swim!  Heee! My new radio...the "3-2000" 

Dustin and Trixie Mmmmm  "three- 2000"

Winter 2000 and Spring 2001

Butterfly exibit at Woodland Park Zoo Easter 2001 Playgroup Rhody Farm Mama and Dutin at the Rhody Farm 

Alcatraz Island Dustin and Daddy at Work Tiger Suit Halloween 2000 Condo Snow Mmmm Goggles Bathtime Dustin and Mama at the Gym 2525 Darroch Ct...  Napa Valley, CA Northwood School  MMMmm Snow

We are doing all kinds of things.  Dustin can play "Hot Cross Buns" on the piano.  He can say virtually any word.  He loves the computer, swimming and music.     

Dustin's Adventures 2000
Sleepy Boy Checking out the closet Lots of shoes Dustin's Boots Made for walkin Family Picture

Dustin's Christmas 1999
Christmas Morning My favorite tree The Green Tunnel

Playing the piano Grandpa,s computer Grandma and Great Grandma

Dustin's 1st Birthday
Dustin's 1st birthday Mmmm cake Hi Dustin's Friends

Can you believe how much fun we have had in such a short time? Dustin has come a long way since he was born.  Do you realize he can say some interesting words like "Dada home", "binky go" and "nite-nite Mama." 

Dustin having fun
In Daddy's car Ready to crawl I am so big Dusty and Aunt Cheryl Hitchin a ride

Dustin at the park

Dustin's Birth
We are so ready to meet Dustin Dustin's First Picture Daddy and Aunt Kim Mommy loves her baby 

We love Dustin Dustin's Grandparents The happy new parents

After "only" 5 hours of  labor Dustin was born. 7 lbs, 15oz.  We are very proud parents.