Stone Island, Mazatlan Mexico

We left the cruise ship and walked through the vendors and cab drivers just outside the gate and turned left on the street.  Welcome to Mexico.  We walked about 4-5 blocks and reached the embarcadero.  Round trip water taxi tickets were only $150 pesos each (about $1.50 US)

The Embarcadero

The "Water Taxi's" (small rowboat with a motor)  (click to enlarge)

just over the "hill"  (click to enlarge)

The water taxi will take you to the other side of the channel.  When you get off the boat, just walk straight down the dock and forward up the hill.  Although there will be taxis waiting at the end of the dock, it was a pretty easy walk if you are not injured or otherwise have problems climbing stairs.  You can see still the ship if you look back before cresting the hill

Once over the small hill you will be able to see the beach.  Our walk was very enjoyable.  (click to enlarge)

Very nice beach to walk on  (click to enlarge)

The deal is that you can park yourself and your stuff at one of the restaurants which have chairs in the sand on the beach.  We stopped at Victors's which I highly recommend.  Our waiter Juan was very nice.  We ordered many Pepsi Light, which is like diet Pepsi with a hint of lemon (they do not have diet Pepsi in Mexico), bottled water, chips and salsa, some very tasty quesadilla and an amazing platter of Coconut Shrimp which were the biggest and best I have ever had.  After spending the whole day there...our bill came to like $25 US which included a healthy tip for Juan.

The view from Victor's (click images to enlarge)